Bridal Brunch, Part 1

Bridal brunch several months in the making was a huge success! Snaps of Set Up in my Aunt’s Backyard.

The infamous “ball” that took up all my attention! Used an Oasis Sphere and loaded up with over a dozen roses along with other flowers we bought at the flower mart.

Beverage bar cart, macaron tower reimagined, Bride-to-be when we brought out the cake, Chantilly Cake from Whole foods topped with LOVE Sparklers from Paper Source. I always get asked about the custom banners I use … from my favorite etsy shop SisBoomBaa . She is so responsive and “gets it” . Check out her shop here.

Here is the only pic from my phone of me and an actual human since I was running around and hosting the brunch and activities throughout the day! Here is a snap of me and my mom, Carol! More pics to follow once we get them in hand! I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed planning and executing this bridal brunch with my family ! ❤




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